sneezeman:escape from planet sneeze

AHHH...CHOO! For the first time ever, global cult cartoon phenomenon Sneezeman is running, jumping, racing, sneezing and bashing his way onto iOS in the incredible new adventure ‘Escape From Planet Sneeze’!

You’ll need to help Sneezeman run, jump, float, race and bash his way to safety at the end of each level as he tries to escape the clutches of the relentless sneeze cloud. On route you must also help him collect the medicine pills that’ll keep him in control and avoid a major attack of the sneezes...

Will you be quick enough to save Sneezeman?

Spread across five massive World zones - from the perils of the jungle, to the spine tingling terror of the haunted level - Sneezeman is packed with exciting game play and a huge range of challenges to overcome. Whether it’s racing in a vehicle, parachuting from skyscrapers or leaping across huge chasms, you’ll need all your skills to help Sneezeman get to safety and not only avoid the sneeze cloud, but also outwit the deadly clutches of zombies, evil clowns, ghosts, rats, aliens, robots and an array of fiendish baddies.

****Huge FREE updates coming soon - more levels! more vehicles! more sneezes!****


  • Massive game world featuring 60 levels of mayhem!
  • 5 game zones - haunted, circus, mars, jungle and urban
  • Travel on foot, in vehicles and by parachute!
  • Outwit multiple types of enemy!
  • Power up and launch into the air with super sneezes!
  • Work your way through 30+ achievements!
  • Bespoke game artwork by award winning cartoonists Modern Toss!


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